Updated Block List

Today we updated the instance block list and reject media list for npf.mlpol.net. It’s a GNU Social instance with the fillowing title/tagline. I think we’ll survive without them in our timelines. compassion.online recently added them to their main list of toxic instances and we followed their lead. Title Nazi Pony... [Read More]

EU Cookie Law

EU Cookie Law Today we added support for cookie notifications to help with EU Cookie Law compliance. I used this (link) for the compliance. I’d like to be rid of the pop-up but… I’d rather be in compliance than not.
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Silence/Suspension Updates

Quick update today. We have UN silenced mastodon.starrevolution.org and ika.moe. We left the remote media block in place for ika.moe. We had incorrectly identified these as ‘bad’ instances. Our apologies to the administrators of the instances. We will do better about any blocks in the future.

Website Updates

Quick update for everyone. We just finished updating the way we deploy new posts to the website. There was a bit more down time than we would have liked but things should be working 100% now! Sorry for any inconvenience.