Infrastructure Updates

More Soon

Today the Admin team is excited to announce we have migrated all secondary services to a new server. Our galleries, alternate UIs and this blog are now hosted on a Scaleway ARM VPS in Paris. This is the first major step towards improving some of our offerings. We have plans to deploy some moderation tools (more on that soon) as well as a Pixelfed instance (when federation is complete). All told, our various services averaged less than 10 minutes of down time. [Read More]

Instagram (ish) UI Deployment

Pinafore fun

Today the Admin team is excited to announce we deployed an Instagram like UI called Pinafore (more details). The talented @nolan created it as a simplified UI with a single column and large, inline images. It feels kind of like Instagram but also kind of like Mastodon. We 💖’d it so much in our tests, we couldn’t wait to get it deployed. You can find our deployment here (link). We hope you enjoy the new UI and we hope it helps with seeing the photos our amazing users are posting. [Read More]

Smol site updates

Now with fewer warnings

Just a smol update today. We got reports that Ad Blockers and Browsers were showing “DIRE WARNING OMG CRYPTO!!!111!!!” warnings to visitors of our blog. We did have a browser based miner on our pages. It did NOT auto run. We used an approval only browser miner as a way to accept tips while people read our posts and/or browsed the blog. IF they wanted. Again: WE NEVER AUTO RAN/RUN MINING, IT’S OPT IN ONLY! [Read More]

Photo Galleries

YOUR photos, gallery style

Today the Admin team is excited to announce the galleries!!! Artodon Gallery We have deployed Artodon (link). Artodon is a javascript based gallery that showcases tagged toots. We’d like to call attention to @[email protected] who developed the software and worked with us to get everything working. The gallery can be found here (linky). We’ve also linked to it from the header on the blog. The gallery will show images from toots tagged #photography, #photo and #photographie by our local users. [Read More]



Instance Upgrade The instance is hosted by and today we upgraded to the next hosting level! Thank you to everyone who recently signed up and to those who’ve been around awhile. 😍 We were getting close to the ‘limit’ of our instance size and the admin team opted to upgrade. With all the wonderful people joining the federverse we wanted to be sure we did not run into any troubles. [Read More]


Let’s Take Minute With the recent issues a big Mastodon host suffered we’d like to take a minute to break down what we are doing to ensure is safe, guarded against total failure and what some of our behind the scenes stuff looks like. We did NOT suffer any problems, failures or similar. A DIFFERENT Mastodon host failed and lost the entire database of toots, users, etc. Infrastructure The photog. [Read More]

Updated Block List

Today we updated the instance block list and reject media list for It’s a GNU Social instance with the fillowing title/tagline. I think we’ll survive without them in our timelines. recently added them to their main list of toxic instances and we followed their lead.

Nazi Pony Fucker Social
Welcome to the cross roads where political incorrectness and cartoon horse p****y meet!

Silence/Suspension Updates

Quick update today.

We have UN silenced and We left the remote media block in place for

We had incorrectly identified these as ‘bad’ instances. Our apologies to the administrators of the instances.

We will do better about any blocks in the future.

Silence/Suspension Updates

Quick update today.

We have UN silenced and We left the remote media block in place but the instances will no longer be silent. As of Mastodon 1.5.0 we can now only block the remote media while allowing accounts to interact.

Hopefully this helps with federation to our friends in Japan.