Today was a very productive day for getting stuff done 😀


The admin team approved the first bot: @Announce today. We may have written it ourselves 😉. It’s a bot that mirrors the blog’s RSS feed to the instance as toots. It’ll also post some reminders and ALL major announcements. Major announcements will continue to come through @Ambassador as well.

We’re hoping @Announce will have better visibility for users when it comes to announcements and blog posts. @Ambassador is hard at work fav/boosting photography work and we feel announcements may get lost in the noise.

Open Source Stuff

The team has decided to publish the website code (Jekyll) and bot code (Python) to GitHub as Open Source Software (OSS). Feel free to check it out here (link). We’ve selected GPLv3 (further reading) and CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (further reading) as the licenses for code and documentation respectively.

We plan to publish pretty much everything we do under open source and Creative Commons licenses. We’ve also added a GitHub badge to the footer of the site in case you’re ever looking for a link in the future.


We added a donations page with Patreon, Liberapay and PayPal options (link). The page can be reached from the header of the site if you’re ever interested.

We ask that you only donate if you’re feeling up for it. NO pressure at all. We are NOT asking for donations but we know some users will want to add to the tip jar.

Instance Blocks

We were alerted to another Free Speech Zone™️ today and have instituted a silence for the instance. The instance is for those curious.

We have a policy of silencing Free Speech Zones™️ to help prevent potentially toxic behavior from flooding the Federated Timeline.

That’s all folks

Happy Tooting!