The admin of reached out to the admin team today and asked us to re-consider our instance block. After internal discussion and reviewing the e-mail we received, we have opted to lift the suspension.


We have also removed nazis and hostile admin language from the original suspension description. We used language from some other block lists for After re-reviewing the discourse surrounding the nazi’s language, we’d like to apologize to Wonderfall and the other admins of We will work to do better going forward with verbiage and rationale.


In the interest of transparency, the original e-mail as well as the team’s response has been included below. Wonderfall posted the original e-mail here (link) and we’d like to continue an open dialog (even if it’s screen shots of e-mail messages).

2017-07-12 - Initial E-mail From Wonderfall


2017-07-12 - Admin Response to Wonderfall