Bot Approval

Quick update today. A new bot @Federation was approved on the instance. It will be looking for any posts tagged with #Photography, #Photo or #Photographie that flows through the Federated Timeline and following the user of the toot. This is meant to be a slow moving bot that quitly and... [Read More]

Silence/Suspension Updates

General Updates Today the admin team discovered that no longer requires suspension of instances as part of the application approval process. In the interest of federation we’ve removed a number of suspensions and set them to silences. We retained media blocks for the time being. If any of our... [Read More] The admin of reached out to the admin team today and asked us to re-consider our instance block. After internal discussion and reviewing the e-mail we received, we have opted to lift the suspension. Apologies We have also removed nazis and hostile admin language from the original suspension... [Read More]

New Bot

Today we’re pleased to announce a Welcome Bot has been approved on the instance. If you’re a first time poster the bot will send out a nice welcome message and post it to the public timeline. We are hoping to see the instance grow and would like all new community... [Read More]

New Avatars

If you hadn’t noticed, today we revamped the avatars used by official accounts/bots. They should be a bit cleaner, simpler and far more appropriate for coveying the account’s purpose. Ambassador Announce Curator (Coming Soon) [Read More]