New Avatars

If you hadn’t noticed, today we revamped the avatars used by official accounts/bots. They should be a bit cleaner, simpler and far more appropriate for coveying the account’s purpose. Ambassador Announce Curator (Coming Soon) [Read More]

Updates (Toxic Behavior)

GitHub Toxic Behavior Thanks to a blog post (link) on 2017-07-05 about GitHubs behavior and internal workings the admin team has decided to move our source code from GitHub to GitLab. GitLab has shown they are a reasonable corporation and behave in a manner more suitable to the ethos of... [Read More]

Bot Approval

Quick update today. A new bot @dPS_Challenge was approved on the instance. It will be cross posting the weekly photography challenges posted over on Digital Photograhy School (dPS). Feel free to follow and partake. NO pressure 😉

Bots, OSS, Donations, Blocks

Today was a very productive day for getting stuff done 😀 Bots The admin team approved the first bot: @Announce today. We may have written it ourselves 😉. It’s a bot that mirrors the blog’s RSS feed to the instance as toots. It’ll also post some reminders and ALL major... [Read More]

Blocked Instances Updates

Nothing too special today, just some house keeping. The list of blocked instances updated check out the list (link) for a full (now alphabetical! list) list. Happy Tooting!