Major Updates

Major Updates


Over the course of the last month or two the admin team have been working on a number of major updates to our hosting, services and more. As of 2019/01/06 the updates are complete and we can reveal what we've been working on so diligently.

Mastodon, Unchanged

Before we get too deep into the details, please know our Mastodon instance is still hosted by Nothing has changed with our Mastodon hosting. Just everything else 😉

Lollipop Cloud

The biggest change that happened is we have adopted the Lollipop Cloud as our platform for all of our secondary services. The Lollipop Cloud has been hard at work building out a really nice approach to self-hosting and has finalized basic support for all of the services we have deployed.

As of this writing we have a single Scaleway arm vps with 2Gb of RAM running the following services

  • borg backups
  • Caddy
  • Postgresql
  • Halcyon
  • Pinafore
  • Plume
  • Artodon
  • Fathom

That's a lot of services to be running on a little arm VPS and we are very happy with the results.

The Lollipop Cloud even has early builds of PixelFed that we will be using when we launch our Pixelfed instance.

Our Current Service Offerings

All of our service offerings received updates as part of our migration to Lollipop Cloud. If you haven't explored some of our services beyond the flagship Mastodon instance, we welcome you to give them a try.

Each of our main services for our users is described below.


Halcyon is a 3rd party Mastodon web client / front end that is very similar to Tweet deck. Our deployment is at and is a very nice way of seeing more images in a cleaner format.


Pinafore is a 3rd party Mastodon web client / front end that is a single column interface and very clean and overall simple. Our deployment is at and is great on mobile.


Plume is a blogging engine similar to Tumblr that can talk to the Mastodon network. This blog is running Plume and you can subscribe to it from your Mastodon account by following @[email protected]. If you paste @[email protected] in the search bar in the Mastodon UI the account will pop up and you can follow directly from Mastodon.

This is where all of our major updates will be posted going forward. Feel free to subscribe, comment, favorite and boost as you feel appropriate.


Artodon is a gallery that will look for public posts and show the attached images. We have two instances of Artodon deployed for your enjoyment. One for photos and one for photo fails.

The gallery of our users photos tagged with #Photo or #Photography is at

The gallery of our users sharing their failed photos tagged with #FotoFails is at

If you click an image in the gallery it'll open the post so you can interact with it.

Going Forward

Going forward we plan on launching a PixelFed instance to compliment our Maastodon instance. We are currently waiting on one feature to be added to PixelFed prior to our deployment. Once the feature lands we'll be working with the Lollipop Cloud to deploy and manage our instance.

We have already signed up about a dozen beta testers and once they have completed a bit of testing we plan to open registrations (assuming all goes well).

After PixelFed we aren't sure what's next. We just hope our community continues to grow and be an amazing place for all things photography on the fediverse.